Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Me Tagged..............

i have been tagged by ~Phobiac~...........

Hey can i include my engg books too :)

ok let me start now....

Total Number of Books I own:

Well dont quite remember... but i am sure its more than 40.... Lately bought a lot of Sidney Sheldon books...

Total number of books given to others and never came back :

may be 2 or 3 .... but comics ........ i dont remember getting them back.....

Total number of books flicked from others :

- Me very nice u see ;)

Last Book I bought:

Lord of the Rings..... [uff its so fat and the print is so small.....] and Master of the Game [Sidney Sheldon]... bought both of them together

Last Book I was gifted:

Secret Island
... [Enid Blyton] ..... gift by first book other than a comic :)
After that got no more books as gifts.....

Last Book I read:

Master of the Game.....

[ofcourse..... read a few books on UNIX,PERL tooo recently ;)]

I am currently reading:

Lord of Rings......... [i read quite fast.... but dunno if i will finish it in my lifetime.... the font of the book ...just doesnt inspire me to go ahead.... but still have completed around 50 pages of that book.....]

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

1. Secret Island - My first book
2. Gone with the Wind - the first fat book i read. Though i dint like the story..... liked the way the author has narrated the story.... I would really feel i was just watching it....
3. Coma - By Robert Cook.... This was the first book to test my patience.... Coz just dint understand the first 100 pages.... but as the story goes on.... everything falls into place... [thanks to my friend..she had told me "u wont understand anything in the beginning ... but later u'll like it" and did happen so :)]
4. Tell me your dreams - Sidney Sheldon .... Started to wonder if i too had a split personality :)
5. Harry Potter - the whole series... just brought back the fairy tale and magic stories i heard as a child :)

Now for the devil me to come into action . heheh *** grinning ***

Who am I gonna tag ?

No numbers specified so.... here it goes.....
- Raj
- Karthik
- Somu
- Gangadhar
- Smyta
- Visithra

ok mine is done................
And yes anyone who is here.... wants to take this up... most welcome.... and do let me know.. so that i can check it out too :)

Happy ....... fill up the blanks ppl ;)

And yes.... for ppl who have already read my weekend post... I have started writing the continuation.... So it will be up soon :)


Potpourri said...

Must reads:
Life of PI
Exodus (birth of israel, set in 2nd world war period) - I am reading this now.

If you like reading non-fiction
Wings of Fire
Jack Welch and the GE Way and Jack Welch's autobiography - Straight from the Gut.

and of course, Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons. Do not read the other two books, they follow the same template as the above..very stereotypical..


Karthik L G said...

hi arathi, looks like there r lotta avid readers around ahh

me not a book person...have read very less though both my dad n mom have specialised in library science and have worked all their life in the hugeeeeeee library of University of agricultural sciences (UAS)bangalore

have read very less..
in school used to read those enid blyton ones

I enjoyed this count of monte christo by Alexander Dumas, its also made into a movie
if possible read this

I picked up this autobiography of gandhiji - my experiments with truth from the footpaths of MG Road last friday for 50 bucks, m reading this now

so u can conclude m not a bookie ;-)

codeextracts said...

Tell me your dreams is such a nice book.. it was the first one I read. I still remember it, and yeah.. and then I researched about MPD.. I remember.

I recently finished reading Jack Welch - Straight From The Gut. Really a nice book, the first autobiography I read - Its a must read.

And Da Vinci Code - its such a freaky book, do read it.

I think you must have read The Godfatther by now, its such a classic.

And the one I love the most is The Alchemist.. :) a fantastic fable on how to follow your dreams, it has changed so many things, and the way that I used look at life.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Archana Ramesh said...

We've got two books in common.
I've read both 'tell me ur dreams' and 'Master of the game' by Sidney Sheldon. I'm working on 'Gone with the wind' now....amazing book :D

Visithra said...

I was wondering when this was gonna hit me, I was just jumping in glee that I had escaped, sigh there goes the glee. Will put it up soon ;p

GS said...

Hey ... I like "Tell me your dreams" too!

Unknown said...

err - pardon my ignorant self. but what's this tagging thingy all about?

Unknown said...

and oh i loved 'coma' - both the book and the corresponding movie...

Art said...

Will try out these books sometime... Thanks for the suggestion

gr8... me not bookie antha u wrote quite a lot of things... have fun

Fictional Reality,
Was planning to buy Da Vinci Code.. but my friend had it.. so planning to borrow it...
Thanks for the book suggestions... will read them sometime...
Welcome to the blog...

Well i have read more of SS books too.. so may be we will have more in common...
Gone with the wind... Just loved the author's narration... read it when i was in mid of engg... may be 4 years back :)

Art said...

hehe.. thats wonderful

hmm... that was a gr8 book.. Just kept me hooked on :)

tagging ... lots going on in blog world as of now... Its just that ur interests are to be put up in the blog... in the form of Q&A... and u pass on this task to fellow bloggers....
Nothing serious about it... all for fun

Me wanna read "Brain" & "Seizure" too by Robin Cook:)

Gangadhar said...

Delighted!!I'm tagged..Thank you,Arati..
I'll come back soon..

Unknown said...

is it about any of our interests or only relating to books - 'cos even i saw a few blogs with these - and all of them speak of only books!

Unknown said...

even i'm not a book person. i read stuff off my comp. and i dare not post my reading interests. mostly they are technical stuff related to language standards, compiler implementations, etc. how boring na??

Art said...

thats gr8.. will wait to see.

Well as of now its about books... in mine... there s lots going on about music etc etc....
Well i was being tagged... so did this :)

~phobiac~ said...

hey art !!

thats an impressive list !

and tell u what the thing bout LOTR , the same thing happened to me....never got past page 32....tis still dog-eared and safely put away !

Coma.....and ofcourse Harry potter !!

and hey....u tagged 6 ?!!

way to go!!!

desperado said...

hey art
nice to find someone readin robin cook too
coma was excellent
i liked toxic as well

and arent LOTR and Harry potter nearly the same size
how did u finish potter

and ya waitin for the weekend part

Gangadhar said...

You have a fair nice list..
I read three of five books you mentioned..2nd,3rd and 4th...And of course i love to read engineering journals...
Did you read "abduction" by robin's nice..
And "tell me your dreams" is a great fiction..I love it..There are some conversations between doctor dad and daughter..I remember those still though i read it very long ago..
And finally thanx once again or being tagged by Arati..

Art said...

Thank u.. Well i will somehow try to finish LOTR :)

well should try toxic..
Even though LOTR and Harry Potter are of the same size.. the pace is different...
Ans lot of other things... So its a bit difficult :).. Weekend part..under construction :) should be there by tom :)

Most welcome...
Well i too remember the story... quite well :)
Havent read abduction.

It seems so nice.. Getting so many suggestions for books :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't find coma appealing. Like your friend advised I should perhaps read robin cook books from the end.

'Tell me your dreams' seems interesting.

Nice blog!

Woodooz said...

Aarthy madam, I am sitting at work and wondering what books i like, what collection I have ... hmmm !!! Thanks to you...

And yeah its a wonderful way to get to know a person :p

Art said...

Very true.. to understand Robin Cook book u need a lot patience... but na dont spoil the fun by reading it backwards :)
Thank u & welcome to the blog :)

Haha... that's nice :) well me too went thru the process :)
Well see u r giving excercise to ur mind about ur long lost and new found books :)

Smyta said...

:-) will take the tour soon..

I too love harry potter series...

Will let you know when I complete the tag..

Smiles etc.,


Fundoo said...

Gosh.. whichever blog you visit these days, appears to be tagged with something or the other! BTW you sound like a big time book lover! Had I been asked to take up this taggie, my answer to most question would be 'Not Applicable' for sure! I hardly read any book! Well well... somehow amanged to read through my study books though. :p

Good witty answers! Nice post! :)

Art said...

thats cool... Me too love Harry Potter series :)
Waiting for the next one :)

:) thank u... Well... not that much of a book lover too... Depends on the books too.. I hate M&B. Read just 1 book and decided will never ever read M&B series...
Not that i dont believe in love, but somehow dont like M&B [Mills n Boon]

Raju PP said...

tagging??? :-o:-o
anywayz, books n me??!!! no match at all :|:|

Art said...

haha.. no problem Raj

enigma said...

very nice to read thru this.. lotsa books! interesting :)

Anonymous said...

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