Friday, June 10, 2005

Lonely Leaf

I had written this 1.5 yrs back.... no no dont remember each word... Got this sheet, so thought y not put it on my blog...

Lonely Leaf

Alone Alone flies a leaf
Searching for a place
Its tired flying all alone
Its tired scared all alone

Wind blows the leaf
To a place Unknown
There the leaf Searches
for a place which is known

It lands on Trees
It lands on Branches
It lies on the ground
It goes around

But it never finds a place
Where it can always stay
It can live in a place only for sometime
Sometimes the wind Sometimes the Rain takes it Away

It keeps searching for another leaf
It even gets another Leaf
But they cant stay together for long
The Wind takes them away so far

Sometimes I wonder what happens
Leaf is on the ground and a big foot is on
What if somebody captures it
Will it be happy,will it be sad

I keep thinking what leaf might think
Why leaf so helpless
Why leaf so alone
But leaf keeps flying,until its there.


Raju PP said...

heyyy... ur first poem is it???
nice one yaar :)

btw, if tat leaf was u 1.5 yrs back, is the leaf still alone???!!!
lol... just kidding ;-)

Art said...

dunno if its my first poem...
I used to write some stuff or the other, as soon as i got a paper... nowadays reduced a lot.... May be such a long one ... yes for the first time....
Well even when i wrote this i wasnt lonely... Had a lot of friends. Just that may be i was not in mood or was sad coz of something.. so wrote this... Even 2day... Sometimes when i am sad i get this feeling... but people are there, so don't feel lonely very often. :)

Raju PP said...

hehehe... smart answer ;)

Smyta said...


Nice poem..although there is touch of sadness and lonely feeling to it!!

Loved your expression da!

Love etc.,


Prakash said...

Ohhh...beautfull man.......
Althought i cant write poems like this...i just love reading these kind of stuff.
good work..
most of the poems always have that lonely sad feeling..guess thats what makes it nicer

Lone Warrior said...

Good one! Sometimes I feel we are like that leaf...lost around and searching for happiness. Check out more poems @

keep writing!

Vivhyd said...

As long as the leaf is alive.. I mean it doesn't become a dry one and crumble.. it will continue to dream.. dream as it long as it does find the rite place to settle.....

Nice one Art!!

Woodooz said...

Hi Aarthy, Nice attempt. Maybe you should write more poems :o)

meetu said...

i could almost identify with the leaf ...sob :(

Amrita said... we have a poet here..I won't say 'nice poem' coz everyone else did that. Not that I mean it is not a nice poem...It definitely has a movement, as someone else mentioned, slightly melancholic. Inspired by nature or something or were u actually passing through an autumn?

Arch Storm said...

nice work... hmm...this reminds me of somethin...long time ago, when a leaf was fallin down i used to try and track down exactly when it would fall..but usually it would jus keep floating in the air..and iwould get tired and forget abt it!

Archana Ramesh said...

for the first time its very good :P

Avinash said...
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Avinash said...

Great! I have always wondered how people put thoughts into a poem...I have never believed myself capable of doing that.
Dig out more if u can ;)


Gangadhar said...

Very good Arati!! Really a nice poem..

Art said...

Thanks all of u... Will surely try to write more ... Wasn't inspired by nature for this, just that i was feeling a little sad and lonely when i wrote this...

Lone Warrior,Meetu,Archana
Welcome to the blog :)

ss said...

Nice thoughts

iamnasra said...

Touching poetic thought

codeextracts said...

Nice poem! :)

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