Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Noon Nap!!!

Continuing on my childhood posts.... Just reminded of a small thing I did as a kid..

I guess I was in the 3rd Std... It was a nice Sunday afternoon.. Had a yummy Bisibele anna with papad and other fries (makes me feel... go back home).. I usually never sleep in afternoons.. So was just playing around with my stuff... Dad was watching some match and later went of to sleep...
I sometimes used to go and comb my mom's hair when she sleeps in afternoon... so i thought y not do it for dad!!!

He was also fine with it...I was there with him for 15-20 mins then went off to my room to play with my stuff... Now after some time the calling bell rang. My dad came to open the door.. It was my neighbour. Uncle had come to return some screwdriver or something like that... But as soon as dad opened the door he was laughing....

Now this is what made him laugh... My dad had a pony tail. not even that... it looked like a fountain on his head... then he had a designer bindi on his forehead... and ofcourse lot of powder too.... He did look like a cartoon :)
Well everybody knew it was my mischief, but they also knew that it was a innocent one... So I did not get any scoldings, no spankings... just laughter :)
But yes after this my dad always made it a point to look into the mirror once he wakes up... esp after a noon nap :)


Smyta said...

Thts so chweet di:-) I can imagine how naughty u were as a kid!!:D

Smiles etc.,


Het Waghela said...

That was a sweet mischief from you Arti :).

Shriedhar said...

ha ha :D

quite funny .

but familiar to me, coz my cousins wen they were 4/5 years old used to do this thing to me :)

Art said...

Well I still play a lot of pranks at home...

haha..as i said it was a innocent one too.. :)

hmm.. thats so sweet isnt it.. when kids play with u...

Unknown said...

My aunt's neighbor has a kid(3 - 4 yeard old). So, he was pestering his dad to get him to play computer games. He was pacified by saying that the computer has cold and fever. 20 minutes later, the kid was found rubbing vicks vaporub to the computer!!!! :)))))

Man, how do the little ones' minds work!

Neel Arurkar said...

Thats what you call Mischievous Art ;-)

Alapana said...

Hahahaha,Naughty Kid:D

Keshi said...

LOL @dad n pony tail!

I used to such things to my mum n dad when I was little...I used to comb his hair and put tiny pig-tails..altho they wont last long cos of his very short hair...:)


Art said...

Wow!!! thats so sweet cute and innocent...

haha... thats nice...

Am still naughty

Ya same with my dad's hair too :)

Vivhyd said...

haha very funny indeed!

Art said...


Seema said...

U naughty naughty kid!! But it's fun. I used to dress my bro up as a girl. Irritated him a lot. Still do :).

Gangadhar said...

I didn't think you're so naughty during your childhood!! But it's so fun whenever we think about our childhood memories..

Hava great weekend,Arathi..

take care

Art said...

haha... I trouble bro too... but in diff ways :)

haha.. .oh this is just a small incident.. I was silent yet naughty :)
I am still gonna write more about it :)

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