Saturday, February 11, 2006

A trip to remember

Always seen on TV... people looks so wonderful.... The white slopes and people just zooming in the slopes... Makes u feel so jealous..
And what better way to solve this jealousy, than go an a trip for skiing.. :)

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So off we went to ski in Gatlinburg. [the skiing place was Ober Gatlinburg]
After so many yes and no, to go or not to go... We finally decided to go on Saturday evening and go skiing on Sunday and then back home...

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Four of us were supposed to do the driving, but then policies said under 25 years, we had to pay $25/day... and 2 of us were under 25, so only 2 people were going to drive the car...[ I was not one of the drivers :( ]

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We started around 5.30 or 6 finally from Macon... We had a lot of CDs with us so the journey went on with a lot of songs... then talking then teasing... then phone calls... On the whole the car was packed with people going on and on and on and on and on................. Ofcourse there are exceptions.. So at few moments there was silence from a few people.. we were having a nice time on the trip, by 10.30 we were feeling very hungry... So went to Pizza Hut!!! But then it was closed. We thought we would go to the bread and khakra and go to sleep.

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After a fantastic sleep till 7, woke up and got ready with excitement... Came out and it looked so beautiful.. The cars were covered all white with Snow!!! It was such a beauty... We put all our stuff in the trunk.. It was again Snowing.. Soft Snowfall.. like drizzling when it rains... :)... It feels so wonderful when those tiny white balls fall on u...

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All of us were all set to go and ski... We knew it would be difficult, but then had hopes that after a little bit of practice we would be able to go on top and ski from there... like how we see in movies[now, dunno about the rest but I surely felt this way :) ]

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We reached the place from where we were supposed to take a tram up to the skiing place pretty soon.... We were all set with our costumes gloves, woolen caps... and what not!!!
Ok by costumes I meant the ski pants and the jackets... we obviously cant ski in jeans (we dint want to die of cold)

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It was beautiful from the top, I just wondered what if the cord which held the tram just broke off (yeah!!yeah!! Pessimistic I know)... Took some beautiful pictures from the tram.... and yes finally landed safely to the part from where we would ski :)

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Yippee!!! Yippee!! Finally We would be skiing!!!
Now was the turn for getting our ski equipments and to buy tickets :). We filled out a few forms and bought the tickets and off we went to get our equipment...

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The shoes... they looked so big and heavy.. and they were really big n heavy!!! Wore them and felt as if somebody had tied up a heavy rock to my legs :)
We got our ski s and then off we went to the locker room where we could keep all our extra luggage... We changed and all of us looked so different... So much packed, a water proof ski pant, a jacket, woolen cap, leather gloves... only place left uncovered was our face :)

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Off we went to the ski learning school with all this heavy equipment....It was a small wait... and then finally we went into the snow... :)
By now we had played in snow, throwing snowballs at each other etc....

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The instructor [was bad :( according to me] showed us how to insert our shoes into the ski...and the basic things as to how we need to slide and how we need to walk(cant imagine how are we supposed to walk with those heavy stuff)

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After that we started sliding and obviously started falling... We fell... nice to fall on the snow... but then how to get up, it was so difficult... Someone had to come and separate our shoes and the ski board.... and then again fix it up slide n fall... After 2 years...oops I meant 2 hrs (seemed like years to me) we just sat on the ice... and played in the ice for a while... and then decided.. .time to go... No more energy for skiing.. rather falling :)

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Once we were out of our costumes, it felt like heaven :)...By now we were so hungry.. Had lunch there and were looking at the ice skating going on... We wanted to go there too... but were too tired to experiment on anything else... :) We then came back in the tram towards our car... and then started for the return journey...

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And while we were just about to take the exit we happened to see helicopter rides... We did the helicopter ride... It was for 4 mins but it was amazing!!! The take off and landing were just too good...

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It was fun... while coming back... we were teasing each other... remembering all those moments on the ice.... how we fell.. what we did... We were shouting,singing,dancing in the car.... It was fun... It was as if a nice ending to our nice trip. We had a dinner stop at Atlanta... went to Saravana Bhavan there had idlis,vada,uttapam... yummy dinner.. and we were off to Home Sweet Home....

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We were just left with one thought... After such a wonderful day "Why do we have to go to office tom???????"


Suds said...

Hi Arathi. Seems u guys really had good time. Great. The photos are beautiful. I have never been on skiing trip yet. Will surely plan something soon.

Ice skating is fun. Have done that locally. But falling in ice skating ring is much more painful.


ashok said...

hi arathi...first time to ur blog..very beautiful fotos, well composed...did u take them?

meetu said...

wow this is life ...sometimes i envy u...

hey jus kiddin

have fun ...


Unknown said...

WOW! Cool!! This weekend, I had been on a chartered plane for a mini trip. A colleague of mine at office is a pilot and he had offered to fly us to a nearby town... Will post about it soon... But these are cool pics... Nice, have fun :-)

Alapana said...

hahahaha,because My dear lady,All good things come in short packages:)
Good to know that you had a wonderful time.

Art said...

I have never done ice skating... wanted to do that also but then knew that wouldnt have so much energy to go n fall again :)

Welcome to the blog :)
Well out of them the non-date pics are from me :)

Well Always trying to have fun :)

Wow!!! thats nice... I also want to go on a chartered plane... So nice...

Ya... And i try to enjoy every moment of that short package :)

Krish said...


wow.... u r enjoying ur visit...

Cool pics...

have fun always!

Seema said...

I was never J earlier. But ur post has made me feel so envious of u :)

Shriedhar said...

very nice pics!!

u must hv had a gr8 time !!

Art said...

Ya trying my best :)

:) :)

Thanks... :)