Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sweet :)

We prepared a sweet today at home.. And it was so simple... and tasty too... :)
It was prepared with just 5 things (including Garnishing):

1. Bread
2. Milk
3. Ghee
4. Sugar
5. Cashewnuts

Fry the bread in ghee and keep it aside, breaking into pieces
Boil milk and sugar.... once the milk starts boiling, add the bread pieces into it.. a little more ghee...
and keep on mixing... We need to make sure that we dont make it too milky... meaning... it should be such that the bread drinks up all the milk and is soft no plain milk to be seen :)

Once this is done.. fry the cashew nuts in the ghee and garnish

And the sweet is ready


Unknown said...

Sweet! What's it called?

Art said...

My roomie said its called "Double ka meetha"...

Unknown said...

Hmm.. sounds interesting.. Will surely try it! Now I have the license to try anything under the sun ;)
BTW check out my blog for my cooking expericnce :P

Art said...

sure will check it out soon :)

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey this looks very simple and seems yummy ;-))

I'll definitely give a try ;-))

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