Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bro's first trip to our house

Since I have a brother, it dint come as a surprise for me, when my husband and I argued over petty things. But I always felt, that these 2 guys should gel with each other. I am really thankful to God, hubby (G) and bro (Aj) that both of them have common interests.

When Bro had his semester holidays, he had come over to Mysore. G went to railway station and picked him up. By the time they were home, it seemed like they had made plans to pull my leg. I was busy cooking as my cousin (Ar) and his fiancée were to come for dinner. And as expected, neither Aj nor G offered to help. But yes, they were helpful by not supervising my cooking. They were busy with discussion of games, setting up Dish TV and other stuff, so that I could peacefully do my work. Occasionally I would go to them so that they could taste stuff which was getting ready. Aj has always been my tester. He is honest too, so I could expect correct judgment from him. The dinner went really well and we enjoyed ourselves with poori, chole, gajar halwa, fresh mangoes. Ar was quite surprised, when he came to know I could actually cook. We then went to Chamundi Hills, for the view. It was a spectacular view. We went back home. G, Aj and Ar were then chatting and I was off to bed (extremely tired). Next morning Ar was supposed to go out with his fiancée and her parents. So, I got up to make him breakfast. By afternoon, G was to leave to Chennai, so we were busy packing his papers and others. In the afternoon it was just me and Aj. I asked A if he wanted to go around, and he says I am very busy today – F1, cricket and tennis finals. I watched most of the stuff with him… It felt good like old times, when we used to watch TV together. I slept off watching TV, also had to get up in the morning for office.

Monday morning, I cooked breakfast and lunch for both of us and was off to office. Aj had a gala time at home with gajar halwa, ice cream and PS2. When I came home, he dint seem a bit bored as he was alone. I felt a little relieved. I cooked some nice rice n sambar. G was coming back that night. Me n Aj had fun watching TV that day. The best was “Kahani Humari Mahabharat ki”. We had such a good laugh at this.

Tuesday, I promised Ajay that we would go out somewhere in the evening. So we came back from office and went out for some fun. We went to Planet-X. Aj and G did karting and then 3 of us fun bowling. We had dinner and came back home tired. Inspite of this G and Aj had some energy left in them to play on the PS2. I was watching them for a while and I don’t know how my eyes drifted from Mortal Kombat to my dreamland.

Wednesday, we thought of going to KRS, as they would have lighting and musical fountain. Though we left a little late, we were in time to catch the last musical fountain. It was ages since we saw musical fountains. We had hot Jola (corn). After KRS we then went to restaurant Jungle. After the yummy food, we came back and again Aj and G continued with Mortal Kombat. After I while I got involved in the game and started giving strategies to both of them.

Thursday, we just went to Devraj Urs Rd, had chat and roamed around and back home and again PS2 games. This shows how much of TV I would have seen in the whole week. On Friday, we were supposed to go back to Blore. But this whole week, I got a chance to pamper Aj. I always wanted to take care of Aj, pamper him with my cooking (he does like it). I always wanted G and Aj to bond well. And they did bond at my cost. They had a leg pulling session daily and I would just get tired of it. They both were happy that they had company to tease very well. It was a happy week for me to see my husband and brother just behaving like friends.It was one of the best weeks we had.


Diya said...

It's the simple pleasures such as these that make our moments so special... Glad that now there are two people at home to pull ur leg... It takes a lot of EFFORT these days u see ;)


Art said...

Yeah Yeah.. it takes lot of effort even for them :)

Karthik L G said...

yeah right, simple pleasures which makes life worth .. very happy for u :) write more often