Saturday, November 22, 2008


I dont understand why people cannot respect other people names. If you dont know to pronounce it and you are saying it wrong, its a different thing. But atleast after the correction from the person, you ought to pronounce it in the right way.
My name is usually not pronounced right, even after multiple corrections. I just lose and let it be as it is. If somebody asks me what is the right way to pronounce it, I happily proudly tell them what it is. One good habit Americans have is ask the other person how the names are to be pronounced, as they dont want to offend us. I totally appreciate this effort.

My dad's name ends with Murthy.A few days back, one of my collegues came to my desk and this is what happened

Collegue (C): Arathi NarayanMurthy
Me : Its not Narayan Murthy, its ...Murthy
C:How does it matter
Me: It does, this is my dad's name and narayanmurthy is not my dad's name

I became so furious. How can you not respect some one's name?


Usha said...

Was this a non Indian or Indian? If it was the latter they knew pretty well that narayanmurthy and murthy are different names altogether.
If it was a foreigner they bloody well know the importance of surnames.
Either way i bet they intended to annoy you.

Art said...

well... i made sure that person doesnt repeat the mistake