Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Book Times

It’s been reading time from past 2-3 days. I had just finished Sidney Sheldon “Nothing Lasts Foreever” 2 weeks back. Then I started the next one on Thursday “The Sky is falling”. This weekend, on Saturday had to meet a friend, so I took this book along to give me some company on that journey. And I must say it was a great one. The book kept me hooked on to it. Even if I had to go to the kitchen for some water, I would be reading that. I finished that off on Saturday night and started with another book. This was from Jeffrey Archer, Sons of Fortune. This was one of those books, which doesn’t start with suspense and is just a normal story until you nearly reach the end. But this book was so amazing, that whole of Sunday passed in drowning in the book.

Sunday night was filled with dreams. It had a mixture of the characters in both the books. So many times I couldn’t relate which one belonged to which story.

Today morning when I told my colleague about this. He said if I had read for my certification with so much concentration, I would have cleared it :)

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Hema Iyer said...

Hey that's cool. I am also reading a lot of books nowadays. I completed both the books by Tana french - "In the Woods" and "The Likeness". They are amazing. Check them out...