Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help has no barriers

A week back, as usual I took the bus back home. The bus was half full, so had to take a seat next to one lady. She was really sweet. After a few mins she asked me if I knew a particular address. I had no clue so I told her the same. She then said she doesn’t know much of English. I offered to ask the driver about this place. I went and asked him. He also had no clue. We thought we will look out for the street name.

Then with broken English we had a conversation. She asked me if I was a student (I am super happy everytime anybody asks this question). I promptly refused and said, no working. Then she asked if I am married and even said I looked so young (again super happy). Now it was my turn to ask her questions. I got to know that she was from Korea and has come here with husband and 2 kids. They go to Korean school in US (I never knew they had these).

In the meanwhile the driver called out that he was taking a turn, and if the lady wanted to get down. Later he just asked people in the bus knew about the particular street. Luckily one guy seemed to know which stop would be nearer and so she got down at the stop thanking me.

I felt relieved that she got the right place… at the same time I thought how would I handle these situations if I landed up in a place where they dint speak the languages I knew and I wouldn’t understand a word of what anybody would say.

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