Monday, April 06, 2009

Food.. love

There have been very few times, when I have got to go to work from home. Most of the times I have stayed out of my place for work. So it’s a great feeling when I get to go to work from home. Since its Bangalore and that my house is very far from office, I had to leave pretty early. And the first thing moms think about when you are home with them is good food. And yes, I had that priviledge.

Everyday I used to have a mini breakfast around 6.30 AM, just before I had to rush for the bus. Then around 9.00 AM I used to take my breakfast to the canteen and have it with my friend. Around 12.30, we used to go and have the lunch, ofcourse something yummy packed for lunch. I even had some snacks in my bag. Not mention 2 apples and freshly squeezed lemon juice from home. My bag was always full of these things. My brother always teased me, if I was going for work or picnic. Amazingly though, I must say mom still knows how much her daughter needs to eat and in what intervals. After all this as soon as I was back home, there used to be a hot cup of tea ready for me and after some time dinner would be served.

Its been ages since I have had that luxury. I have always valued this motherly love and the luxury of having all this in life. But you remember these things more when its no longer there.


Khushi said...

I used to wake up at 7.45 to take the cab at 8.30 and yet, I used to scream about, salt less in brkfst or hot tea being given when i'm rushing... and now at times... i have to make brkfst for few other people before i go to office... sighhhh!
Moms are the best!!!

Neha said...

My mother in law takes care to pack my lunch.lucky me..and even my bag is full of food boxes and invariably an apple... :-)