Sunday, July 19, 2009


Relationships are so complicated sometimes. We try to focus on one and lose out on the rest. Multi tasking is surely important sometimes. Ofcourse this is more important in case of all the close relationships which are important to us. Life is similar to a journey, and as in life, we make so many relationships here too. But what about those which just come on your way in this journey? How much importance do we give this?
The new relation is just a couple of months old, and its actually not directly affecting your journey in any way. But if you feel, this is disturbing the journey, isnt is better to clear the air off so that it doesnt came in your journey later on? But in this process if we end up hurting our near and dear ones, thats wrong too, isnt it? How can we decide what needs to be given importance, and what can be ignored?
Probably growing with life gives us this clarity. Maybe having the right life partner helps you see all this in a different light. Whatever it is the factor which is outside your brain sometimes helps you take the right decision.
Howmuch ever importance is given to momentary problems/solutions will just fade away in life, but the ones you give importance will stay with you till the end of the journey and remind you what you did all your journey.
Open up your heart and your brain, think before you decide, prioritize whats important in life, and finally go ahead with the decision the heart and brain mutually agree...


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Too many hidden profound thoughts... Care to elaborate in detail to me???

- Diya

Art said...

Diya - It was purposely hidden... Sent you the details