Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yeh Chai Mastani

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I have always loved Tea over coffee... So many people have wondered why I dont like coffee being a south Indian... Well, I dont know what thats got to do with my liking... But anyways tea has always been my favorite.

At home, mom prefers to have tea which I make, after I left home, she prefers the one which bro makes. But making tea just for self is boring, so I dont make it unless I have company or I really want to drink some tea.

The other day I was teasing G, that he could make tea for me. He agreed and went to the kitchen. Then started his array of questions, where is the vessel, where is tea powder etc etc... He dint allow me to help him. Then I just went to see how things were on, and I saw nearly 10 spoons of tea powder for 2 cups of water. I was quite shocked. He said that's his special tea. And when I got my cup of tea, I was quite skeptical, when I tasted the tea, it was too sweet so he took it back added some more tea and milk then gave it to me. This time I dint taste, I was still waiting so that he could get his cup. He was planning to have lemon tea, so he just poured his tea in a glass and some lemon into it... We both sat to have the wonderful tea... And I still dont know how I managed to drink the cup of tea. G just had a sip of it and said I would rather have you make the tea :)

Well after days, he offered to make tea again, but this time with my instructions and tea is not bad afterall :)

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