Saturday, July 25, 2009

Plastic meltdown

I was preparing tea today, and suddenly remembered an incident.

Bro loved to drink his Complan in the Complan cup (which we got with a bottle of complan). Mom had kept milk in the cup and it had been a while, so she just asked me to heat it up. I was in 7th std at that time. I promptly went to the kitchen, switched on the stove and very neatly kept the plastic cup right above the flame. In a minute, I could see milking dropping out of the cup. I got tensed and called mom.

Mom got a shock at this. She asked me why I dint pour that in a steel container. The cup had melted and gotten into a weird shape. I was in the verge of crying, I forgot that plastic melts. How could I? But I learnt my lesson after that. I can never forget that plastic metls on heat :)

Ofcourse with all this going on, bro was a little upset that his favorite cup was gone. But then the next month a different nice looking cup mafe its way into our house and this whole incident was just wrapped up.

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