Friday, June 25, 2010

Movies:Raavan:The Karate Kid

Its been raining movies for the past 2 days.
We watched Raavan and the Karate kid
These are not reviews, but just my opinions on the 2 movies
Reading so many bad reviews, should have told us what to expect. So we went to the theatre, mostly to admire the cinematography. And I must say, Santosh Sivan has not at dissappointed us. Only thing I dint like was the rain. It was raining most of the time. If it dint rain, Ash would just jump into the water and get wet. The movie was damp most of the time.
There is nothing much to say about the movie. As everybody knows there is a Raavan(evil) in everybody, and there is Ram(Good) in everybody. It just goes to say nobody is perfect. The movie potrays the same feeling.
By the end of the movie, you dont know if the Dev Pratap(hero - Vikram) is the good person or Beera(villain - Jr AB) is the good person. You dont know if you should be rooting for the Dev. You dont know if you should sympathise with Beera. Ofcourse thats the intent of the movie. But I all the intents are dampened by Ash's screaming all the time. She is either screaming or crying, or just staring with her red eyes.
Vikram was ok ok, nothing great to speak of. I hope he has done a tremondous job in Raavanan.
AB - He looks very ugly. I know he is supposed to be like that, but somehow not so appealing. He was better in other movies
Ash - Less said the better about the beauty queen. She is screaming most of the times. Ofcourse when her mouth is shut, I wouldnt say elegant, but yes beautful.
I liked Govinda and Ravi Kishen, both of them did justice to their roles.
Priyamani- Oh yes!! She was there, 3-4 scenes, may be 1 or 2 extra. She was fine.
If you really want to watch this, wait for it to come on TV.
Its a one time watch.
The Karate Kid:
Jaden Smith is great in the movie. I liked the movie. My husband was quite dissappointed, being a Jackie chan fan, oops die hard fan, he dint get to see too much of action from the action king.
Locales are breathtaking. Once again my wish to visit the Great Wall Of china has increased. Ofcourse its there only in a few scenes. There is one place where Mr.Chan takes the kid to. I dont remember the name of the place. But it looks beautiful.
As everybody guessed, movie is all about Jackie Chan training the kid. Well when you think of training, its not just about Kung Fu. The way he teaches the kid, really tells you, how you must percieve anything in life.
Determination to learn something is a must, along with certain basic values in life. The movie tells you, however strong you are, if you lack the basic human values, you will never grow up in life.
It tells you how after pushing yoursef to hard, you still need a break to rejuvinate yourself, which can bring out the best in you.
How great friendship is, and what levels it can take you to
How, we need to respect each other.
How different is being calm and doing nothing is.
How by being calm, you can actually control lot of things. Being calm on the inside, you can see things clearly, otherwise anything you see or do appears to be blurr.
And finally, if you fall, you can choose either to brood over it or get up and get over it.
Karate is the Japanese Martial Art and Kung Fu is the Chinese Martial Art. I wonder why the movie was named The Karate Kid. There wasnt 1 bit of karate in this (ofcourse I dont know the difference, but hey I know people who know the difference).
Even the movie has this dialog - its kung fu not karate.. then why was it named so? Well, I know we cannot get this answer, probably they were trying to bask on the glory of the previous version of the movie.
In one sentence, I would say, a Bollywood movie with Kung Fu in it. I dint think it was a waste of money. But, if you wanna go to see Jackie Chan, for his comedy or for his stunts, you might not find much of it.

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