Sunday, June 27, 2010

Queue or line

On Sunday, we went to Shrek Forever (3D). Wait!! I am not reviewing the movie here... But yes, if you are a Shrek fan, go for it.

Anyway, one of the reasons I love going to movies is, I can eat popcorn. Not that otherwise somebody restricts me, but its fun while watching movies. I was standing in the already formed queue. I saw one guy standing next to the counter with money. He was not in the queue.

Me: Excuse me!! There is a queue here
Him: (Smiling) Oh Sorry!!

And then he came and stood in the queue.

In a minute, another guy came and stood outside the queue just next to the counter.

Me: Excuse me!! There is a queue here
Him: Yeah!! There is a line
Me: Yeah!! So can you please stand in the line?
Him: (Just Grinning and standing there)
Me: I think all of us are in the line or the queue for a reason, I think you should join the line.
Him: (Embarrassed by now) hmm

And then he left the place to stand in the queue or according to him the LINE.

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