Monday, March 28, 2005

Divya- My friend

Hey divya had called up today!!!!!!! I was so happy. It had been nearly 3 months since i spoke to her. She hasnt changed, i mean the way she spoke to me. :) I feel really happy when i get a call :) esp if they are my friends, with whom i can share anything:)
We were very close friends from our 11 std. There was no secret or feelings that both of us dint share. We were so close that 2-3 classmates even tried to break our friendship. But then we had developed a special bond, a special bond of friendship which did not require any words to explain each other. It was like silence was our language.
As they say friendship reaches its peak when 2 friends sit together for a long time and yet dont speak to each other but still feel contended that they have had the best conversation ever.
Well as time went by there were more changes in friendship. We had lot of arguments, misunderstandings. But afterall after overcoming all these hurdles we now share a much mature and a good relationship. We are still close to each other.
Ofcourse now we dont talk for hours in a day as we used to in college, now its just 4-5 calls an year, maybe each call lasts for an hour. But still both know that we still trust each other as before, we still care for each other as before.
We are still there for each other. As always.
I miss u Divya. :)
U have been a gr8 friend


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