Friday, March 18, 2005

I dont know if i should chat or not

My friend is in US. He is online now. But i am in dilema if i should start the chat or not. I know he will be busy. More than that - we actually had an argument in the morning, so i want him to start of but i know he will not do it. :(

He hardly starts the chat. I feel very happy when he actually does it. But anyway that doesnt matter now....

I generally do this to all my friends. I open my yahoo msngr.... then simply send all my online friends a "Hi"...

Sometimes i send this msg even to ppl who are offline. Coz many of my friends just appear offline :)

But once i did a mistake. I dint want to chat with a guy. but by chance sent a msg to him also :(
And to my luck he replied and i had to chat with that person for an hr :(

Well nowadays i first look carefully to whom i am sending even a hi msg :)