Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Y do I fight

Today i was so happy, morning i got a call from my friend[from US]. It was so nice talking to him.
But there was a lot of disturbance[it was a long distance call]. But something happened and my friend got angry. He wasnt able to hear my voice and so he thought i was busy with some other work and he became upset. He just cut the phone. I was so shocked coz i was telling him something and suddenly i hear this "I think u r busy with some other work, bye". I did not expect this to happen. :(

But somehow I felt this was not the reason for him getting upset. A similar instance happened last Saturday. There must be some other reason. I have a faint clue, but am not sure if I am right. But I just hope he is fine by evening [his morning].

I just cant imagine myself hurting anybody so much that they have to get frustrated coz of me.

I am not that bad after all !!!!!!!


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