Friday, March 11, 2005


I used to really like coming to office, but this was initially. There were many reasons. All of us in the project had this helping nature, not being rude to each other and enjoying work, more than thinking it as a burden. Even if somebody had got a negative feedback, everybody used to look into the matter and see to it that such things wouldnt repeat.

Now things have changed. I really feel so bad to come to office. Just the thought that i need to go to office puts me down. There is no interest nowadays. Only thought which comes to my mind is "Should I go to office today" "Cant I take a leave".

I feel that i need a break, but that doesnt mean i want to sit idle. I want to do something. Something which interests me. Something i would do, without anybody asking me to do. I used to do a good work in college. I know it cannot be compared to what we do here. But here, there is no encouragement. Its always a blame game. Though i personally dont like it. i also do it sometimes, else i would be held responsible for things which i havent done too [ obviously, these donot include my contributions]....

Well here i am, today in no mood to work, but still got lots to do and i will do it. But just that "NO MOOD" :(

Somebody solve this :(

Sometimes i feel i am going crazy............... Is that true??????????????????