Friday, April 01, 2005

April 1st - Fools Day :)

This day reminds me of childhood[not that i dont behave childish now :)]
Every year i had so much fun trying to fool people. First one would always be my mom :)
She used to come and wake me up for school. And i used to say i have stomach ache or some other reason, my mom used to believe it. But she used to feel so happy that i was enjoying all this. I was a kid in 3rd r 4th std.Then i used to fool my friends saying there was a cockroach or something like that.
Now so many years have gone by, and now its like any other day to me. I dont feel like fooling anybody. I remember last year i was fooled by one of my friends.
It was a weekday,and he was supposed to be in Bangalore[his dad was in hospital]. I got a call early in the morning around 7 from him saying can u come down soon with vehicle keys, i need it really urgent. I was wondering what this guy was doing in Mysore at this time. We are in an apartment and it dint occur to me that when he can come till the appartment he could have as well come till the house.
I went running down and saw nobody was there. I got it. He was fooling me. Then he called up once again saying he had fooled me. :) But the whole thing was so nice. I just loved the whole of it.
and this year my project mate tried to fool me. He said he had been using my id and pwd for internet access and that CCD called up and told him that he was downloading virus and so my id is blocked. Poor guy he dint remember i hadnt given him my id at all yday. :)
So he was the one who became the fool.

Today we had a lot of fun. yes in office :) . Me n one of my proj mates had a lot of fun today. :)

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