Monday, April 04, 2005

My friend is back :)

Hey my friend is back to Mysore. She was in US for nearly an year and now she is back. We had a good time today. She is still the same. She got me a gift it s a cute chain with a very cute pendant.

We used to have so much fun in office. When we moved to our new building in office we were so particular about where all of us r gonna sit.Even the exact positions as to in the cube where each of us would sit. By the time she had left from india, we had become quite close. I was always happy i had such a friend. She used to treat me like a kid :). She used to pinch me on my cheek[ she did that today also:)], we used to trouble each other with fwds. We used to send fwds to each other and force the other person to read it[esp when we knew that other person had loads to do]. But we always helped each other. It was like team work and we hardly felt the burden of work.

Today i felt really good in office. Its true, however professional u r, people, the surroundings do matter. And people whom u work with do influence u :)

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brooksba said...

I'm glad to hear your friend is back at the office with you. It is very true that the surroundings make the job. At my place of work, everyone's answer to "Why do you come to work each day?" is "The people." There are even theories in management about how essential it is for someone to have a best friend at work.

I'm so happy to hear you have you friend back. Have fun!