Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Long time..............................................

Its been so long since i wrote a blog.
Not that i dont have anything interesting. Its not that i dont have time also. Just that i dint feel like writing aything new.
Well these days work has been less and i am getting really bored.Work should be in proportion. We should have work for 5-6 hrs a day.
But somehow when i have work my day in office lasts for 12-13 hrs. Or after 2-3 hrs in office i dont know wht to do.
Well i am trying to learn something new. There again i have problems, some installation problems, and if i have to try out something i need to do it on my colleagues system. But i can do that for max of 1 hr not more than that.
Now i am going thru some docs, but feeling sleepy. Hope i gain some knowledge on what i am reading. :)

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