Saturday, August 08, 2009

Raksha Bandhan

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I have always loved this festival. Although being a south Indian this is not in the tradition. I think I was in 7th when we started this at home. Mom had got the rakhi, I had no clue what it was, that's when mom explained this to me. I was thrilled, if not anything else but by the gift part. My bro was super excited coz he could show off in class. Well this was what we both felt the first time we celebrated the festival. But as we grew, this became more important. Ofcourse a thread wasnt required to stregthen our bond, but it would just be like re-emphasizing on the bond we share.

When in school there was one year, where I tied Rakhi to a few guys in my class too. But after that never ever did I tie Rakhi to any guy other than my brothers (including cousins). I always feel that, when we cant just give the place of parents and spouse to any random person, even brothers and sisters cant be made just by tying a rakhi. Once a friend of mine wanted me to tie the rakhi his sis had sent. I told him my reasons of why I wouldnt tie it to him. Thats when he said "You are my sis here rite?" Somehow that felt very genuine and I tied him Rakhi. Today we are not in constant touch, but we do know whats happening with each other... and yes every Rakhi I do wish him and ask for a gift :)

Well back to my bro, I am very lucky to have A as my bro. He has been my friend ever since we know each other. We have fought with each other like we would kill each other. We have pulled each other's hair. We have covered up for each other in front of mom. Ofcourse me being the elder one was more protective of him. Most of the time I would protect him from mom's scoldings. My theory was "I am the only person who can scold or beat my bro". As we grew older the age difference between us is reducing. I can have a conversation with him, which I can with my friends now. He is a pretty cool headed guy, I have hardly seen him getting angry. Sometimes I feel he is more mature now than I was at his age.

He is also very protective about me. He will make sure that I dont go through any trouble. There was once incident which made me realize that my bro is now protecting me. We used to go for Yoga classes probably when I was in 11th. It was a long walk from home. That particular day me and bro were walking holding our hands. There was nobody else on road. I always walked toward the roadside and he was on the innerside. We saw a cyclist coming in our direction. Me and bro were talking about something. When the cyclist was nearing us, bro very smoothly left my hand and came to the roadside and held my handside so that the cyclist wouldnt even get an opportunity to go past me. I was so touched by this incident. Even now he is still the same. Ofcourse he's lost the smoothness and tells me to come aside or move aside (as if I dont know). But sometimes its nice to be bossed around by him.

He is my younger bro, but at times behaves like a elder one. Till date I have never heard him call him by name. Its always Akka. Even if he has to scold me. A few cousins of mine still tease him, but that doesnt bother him. May be after so many years I am so used to it that I wont be able to digest if he calls me something else.
I miss him a lot. Both of us know its no longer possible to be together, but we know we will always be there for each other in any circumstances. That's my promise to him. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful brother

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