Friday, November 13, 2009

Live to Ride, Ride to Live

"Live to Ride and Ride to Live" - is G's favorite slogan. He has it printed on one of his T-shirts too. G is crazy about bikes like I have mentioned it here.

Lot of people dream of sitting on a Harley Davidson, let alone go on a ride. But I am so proud of G, I have had thrice the pleasure of going on a ride on the Harley Davidson....

In India, G has a bullet - Thunderbird.When I was a kid, I dint like bullet since it made lot of noise. Little did I know then, that its the power thats making the noise. Again, thanks to G, that I learnt a lot about bikes. Ofcourse, if it goes too technical, I still dont understand.

But what matters is, G is happy that I love to be his pillion rider. And, I love it that he likes to drive around with me on this powerful motorcycle.

It seems like we are made for each other :)

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