Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bus or plane?

Some people love to travel. I like visiting to places, but I hate the travel part of it. Sometimes I just hope we could just disappear from one place and land in any place of our will in seconds.

Everytime, there is an international travel more than 8 hrs, after you tell your itenary to people, they empathize with you that, it’s a long travel. I was just wondering, will the same people have the same feeling when you are travelling within the country. Sometimes we travel nearly for 10 hrs, in the bus. There is no food available, no restrooms or washrooms available. We are on the seat continuously for these 10 hrs. Sometimes people travel this distance every fortnight. They don’t get the same empathy which is given to people who travel the same number of hours in a plane, with food and restrooms.

Well, we have to be thankful everytime our journey is comfortable. That way our visit to any place will just get better.

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