Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Same Same but Different

I used to be a good student in school. But, mom thought it would be better if I spent more time in my studies. I was always a night person. I would study in the nights, but could never read a line in the mornings. TV was my favorite passtime. Even now, on the internet I am on youtube watching something.

Few years back, the conversation would be
Mom : ಓದ್ಕೋ ಹೋಗೆ (Go and read)
Me : Hmm… ಈ break (After the break)
Mom : TV Connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (Will take off the TV connection)
Me : (Sadly goes to the room).

Recently this conversation happened

G : Packing ಮಾಡೇ (Do the packing)
Me : Hmm.. ನಾಳೆ ಮಾಡ್ತೀನಿ (will do tomorrow)
G: Internet connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (will take off the internet connection
Me: (Now that I have a iphone) No problem, I have 3G now :)


Chitra said...

Ha ha ha ! History repeats eh ;-)?

Art said...

Chitra - Yeah... strange :)