Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Judge me or no?

Relatives are by chance and friends are by Choice, choose your friends correctly.
This was a sentence I had read in so many scrapbooks.

There was a time, when we had a lot of innocent friendships. It didn’t matter what we could do for each other. No matter, what we thought of each other. This was the time where we grew up with each other. We could tell each other anything, and our friendship would just remain the same or get even better.

As years passed by, we started making thoughtful friendship. We would observe and then try to be friends with people who seemed to have similar interests. As the friendship thickened, we helped each other to become better people. These were the friends, who would celebrate with us when we achieved something, who were our best critics when we did something wrong.

As we move on further in life, we try to analyze people and then want to make a friend. By now, we have grown so much that it becomes difficult for us to take any negative comments from anybody. We assume that people judge us and to be on the safer side, we befriend those whom we feel don’t judge us. But, can anybody be non judgmental?

Ofcourse, not everybody will tell you what they feel about you. Whether somebody is judgmental or not, how would we ever know?

Is it better to have a friend who is not judgmental, but doesn’t even tell what they think about you or is it better to have a friend who is true to you?


Diya said...

A true friend is the best and the only kind of friend there is...

However, I don't agree when u say that we make thoughtful friendships as we grow older... Taking criticism is always difficult, irrespective of whether we are 30 or 13...

If ur theory that we begin conciously choosing friends as we grow older is true, then why would more friendships drift apart the way they do, as we grow older??? Why would we continue to be hurt by friends??

And why are those 'wise' friendships not as strong or countable???

Of course I'm generalizing here, in a very broad sense... And I truly believe that 'friendships' are simply not completely our choice...

And definitely not a 'concious, wise' choice !! Am living proof of that, remember ??? ;)

Art said...

Hey Diya,

Firstly I never mentioned that the friendships had to be wise.
But I still choose to believe that friends are our choices. They turn out to be good or bad later in our lives depending on the situations.

And yes in your case, you dont have a bad choice dear... You see I am your friend.. and I take the liberty of complimenting you on the excellent choice :)