Monday, May 16, 2005


This is just a thought continued from the previous blog. When i wrote that i just got a feeling on how this world must have come into existance.
Well i am sure all of us have read about all the scientific facts and fiction as to "How Life eveloved". This is not what i am thinking of. Some people believe that God is the creator!!!!!!! I do believe in the same. And even if we dont believe in God, when u look around, we are forced to agree that there is some super natural power which is responsile for this "Life on earth" as we know.
Sometimes when i am alone[not lonely] i observe things around [ something very difficult for me as i am a chatterbox, but ofcourse since i am alone i need to do something diff]. I see people moving around [if i am on the road] or i see animals, or sometimes small creatures like ants, lizards,cockroaches... I am not scared of them. They are also living beings. They have their own life. Their own tensions. They may not have tensions like we have [or so we think], but still, they have to tend to their day to day lives. If not anything else u keep observing ants. Just keep a very small sugar cube and u can see after sometime, the ant is trying to take the sugar cube. If possible alone or it has a companion. With so much effort they try to take it from one place to another. And if u even pick it up and keep it a bit away from them, they will promptly go near the cube and start the process all over again.
Or once in a while have a look at the spiders they follow the same trait. Even here if u see all creatures have this policy of "Try try till u succeed". We humans also have such an attitude... It is just that we lose hope easily... Well i am drifting from the topic so i just thought y not make it a sequel[ spelling might be wrong] and whenever i feel like writing about this i will continue. Till then happy trying and good luck suceeding.