Monday, May 16, 2005

So much difference, yet so much in common!!!!

I was just reading through a few blogs... Well sometimes its so interesting to find so many people of different thoughts and different backgrounds putting their thoughts in front. Sometimes the thoughts are very general - something about the society we live in, the place we live in, the love for the place we live in. Sometimes its about personal experiences - dreams, nightmares, experiences in a new place, missing the home town, missing their families.
One thing is for sure, everybody loves their family and people near to them. There may be so many physical distances, but still the love for each other, the love for family members, for friends who are far and near, love for homeland is always same or may keep on increasing. Its just amazing, how god created such creatures on earth. Though the same species we human beings have so many differences, as they say no 2 people can have same finger prints, yet we have so many similarities. After we belong to the same family. We are humans [ homo sapiens ]. So there has to be something in common after all. Hats off to the creator who has done such a wonderful job. So much difference, yet so much in common.

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