Monday, May 09, 2005

Just not well

I am just not feeling well today. I got up at 4 in the morning. Had to come to Mysore early morning. When i got up i was feeling feverish. Then started off headache, giddiness, etc etc etc.

I came to office and was extremely tired. Tried my level best to be on my seat. But then, just couldn't manage to do so. Finally, i gave up and went to the dorm. I slept there for 1 hr and then got a call from my friends for lunch. I just dint feel like having lunch :(. Nothing tasted good. With so much difficulty i had 2 chappatis. Then had a mango shake.

I came back to work, i thought i'll wait for half an hr and go back. I got a call from my PL that there was some urgent work to be completed. So whole afternoon went like that. :)

Well this work is gonna continue even tomorow. So i will be a bit busy. If i was normal i would have somehow finished most of tomorow's work today. But i am just not able to to a thing. So will be going home either by 7 or max 8.

By the way had lot of choclates 2day. :)

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