Friday, May 20, 2005

My journey to Blore

As i had mentioned in one of the previous posts, I was going from Mysore to Bangalore. It was the Tanjavur Express[i dont think its the right spelling]. The Train was so full. I searched for a seat in nearly 3-4 compartments. Finally i decided that i will go and sit on the upper berth. Well it was such a hot day and the fan wasnt yet switched on. I somehow managed to comfortably sit there. After 5 min i realized i was seated in the place where a large family was going back. By large family it includes lot of kids, I think there were nearly 10 kids[4 guys and 6 girls] ranging from 4 to 12 years i guess. Well they were screaming on top of their voice. Then the guys wanted to sit on the upper berth, and 2 of them sat there, there was a third guy who wanted to come on top. But he couldnt find a place.
I was observing all these and smiling at all these, remembering my childhood days with my cousins. Finally i said, Inga vanda ukkkar[come here n sit]. They were so amazed. that guys face brightened up. He said"Ungalakka tamil varuma,akka??"[do u know tamil]. I smiled and said yes. Then they played there for half an hr or so. Then the guys went down to eat. i was reading a book all this while and was feekling very hot also, even with the fan on.
After a while i felt bored and then i thought best would be to sleep. I had anyway got the upper berth. And so i slept. I got up around 6.30 PM. We were still nearing bangalore. And i was just looking at those kids playing. One of the guys wanted to know if i was from Chennai. I told him that i am from Bangalore.
Finally when we were about to reach bangalore, i got down from the berth, one of the ladies asked me, rather we had this very small conversation.
Lady:"Neenge Chennai Karangla?"[Are u from Chennai]
Me: "Ille, Bangalore"[No, Bangalore]
Lady:"Tamil yepdi tariyoon?" [How do u know Tamil]
Me: "Naal varshon Chennaile iranden" [Was in Chennai for 4 years]
Lady: "College aa??" [meaning to say if i did my college there]
Me:"Ille,School" [No, was in school]
Then both smiled.
By then Bangalore Stn came. I finally waved to them and got down.

Then on the way home, I was just recollecting my school days in Chennai....
After an hour i reached home. Home sweet Home.


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