Thursday, August 20, 2009

Concerts on the go

Since I am writing about concerts, I thought its a good time to mention about another concert. A week after this one, we were to attend the concert from Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan.

At first we thought it was on a Saturday. So on Friday at 5, G called up asking me to get ready. Thanks to G's friend (she helped us in the getting the ticket), she reminded him about it. So we had a very early dinner and reached the venue around 8.00.It was the basket ball stadium. There werent much people when we reached. But by 9.00, it was packed. I was so excited that I would hear Sonu and Sunidhi LIVE.

In the beginning, the show started off with some guy, Ayub Khan, singing a couple of songs. He was a terrible singer, but I must appreciate his guts to come and sing in front of a stadium full of people.
After this, there were a couple of dance performances. After half an hour of all this extra stuff, we finally got Sunidhi Chauhan on stage. It was amazing to see her perform. The energy she had was awesome. She sang continuously for more than an hour. Off she went on a break, and came in the host to introduce Sonu Nigam to the crowd. And then came the smart guy on stage with the magical voice. It was a wonderful listening to voice which made people stand on their feet and start dancing.

The energy with which both of them performed do show why they are in the position they are today. The concert ended around 1.30 AM and I must say it is a concert I would remember for a long time now.

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