Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ganesha banda kaayi kadabu tinda.. chikka kereli bidda dodda kereli yedda

Usually Gowri and Ganesha festival come on consecutive days but this time it was on the same day. The best part was it was on a Sunday. The whole of Saturday went in cleaning the house. In the evening, we went for the festival shopping. We even got the water immersible Ganesha idol. I was extremely happy after this.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 7. After last minute cleaning and a nice wash I started off with cooking. I was juggling with cutting vegetables and cooker and rice and coconut. I can say that I was in a mess and totally confused. I was just thinking how mom did all these things at home, and I never even realized it all these years. Anyway I was nearly done by 10.30, so got ready for the pooja and by 11 AM we started the Gowri Pooja.

This went on for an hour. After this G did the Ganesha pooja. After both, it was lunch time. I had made sambar, mango rice, channa daal kheer (kadle bele payasa), kosambari (carrot, cucumber salad)and Modakas.

G's friend had got sajjige (rava ksheera). We had our lunch and then headed for the temple. Since the temple was a bit far, we took a small nap on the way. In the evening we did the visergane and went to friend's place for dinner. On the whole we had a wonderful festival. An extremely hectic day had come to an end.

A few years back, the festival meant only fun. Previous day we would go with a basket to the nearby shops. They would have so many colourful Ganapathi and Gowri idols made of mud. We would spend time to check the idols and selecting the idol was one major task. Then, the basket would be filled with hay and very carefully both the idols would be placed in the basket.
The next day, early morning we would be woken up and shooed into the bathroom for a long oil bath (this was one thing I used to hate during festivals). Once this is done, our new dresses would be ready and we would be completely ready for the pooja. It was always me, who did the Gowri pooje and bro who did the Ganesha pooja. And when the time came to offer prasada to God, all the items would appear from kitchen magically. We would never know when mom prepared all this. After the yummy food, we would either play or watch TV. In the early evening, we would go to our uncles and aunt's houses for Ganesha Darshana. Then visit the temple. Finally late in the evening we would do the visarjane.

On the whole, the festival was fun back then, its been fun this time too. Just that, the roles have changed in life...


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