Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dont push!!!

We have been getting newspapers everyday for quite some days. We haven't subscribed for it and yet there is a bundle on the front door everyday. We even tried to nore it and hence dint pick up the paper for a week, but it just kept bundling up. The guy comes early in the morning, so we can't tell him directly. Its so irritating, that when you dont want certain things, they are just forced upon you.

Some people just DON'T get the message. We are ignoring you, means we dont need you. So, please stop forcing yourself on us. We hate it, but can't tell it :(

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Usha said...

We have been receiving these extra free copies of a local newspaper too- apparently it is apromotion exercise and after a while they hope we will start subscribing.
But if you haven't been picking them up and if they are still leaving a copy, hmmmmm, it seems that they are just too dense to get the message or they don't care as long as they get rid of the stock on their hand.