Monday, June 08, 2015

Dance like there is no tomorrow

“Aawara bhavre jo holle holle gaayen”, this song from Sapnay (Hindi movie), brings back lot of memories. No, it was not because I am a fan of Kajol, I am not really a very big fan of hers.It’s not because the song was pictured in beautiful locations, but yes it was beautiful. It’s not because Hema Sardesai, the singer was the latest sensation at that time. So what is it, one might think! It’s the time spent with my cousins.

This song came when I was in school. It was during summer holidays, all the my younger cousins and my brother at time would consider me their leader, and do everything that I would tell them. So up we would go to the terrace and sing this song, and I was their choreographer. It goes without saying that I would be the lead dancer, and the other 4 were my background dancers, but all of us would have the same steps. Ofcourse I copied some of the steps… esp the line “koyal ki kuhu kuhu, papihe ki pihu pihu”. We would practice as if we had some performance scheduled. Infact, we had perfected the first stanza of the song, getting the beats right and also getting the steps in synch.

The holidays got over and we never danced to that song again, but all I remember of that song is all of us practicing “from the bottom of our hearts” to this song. I have danced during my school time for lot of songs, this is one of the most cherished ones.

Then came the time of “Taal”, and that signature pose of Aishwarya Rai, in her white costume. The song was Ramta Jogi, where she does a split. I have tried doing that a zillion number of times, but every time I was successful only in hitting my knee to the floor, so much that now at times when my knees pain or I have any trouble, I blame it on that song. I loved the other songs too, Taal se Taal mila, was one of my favorites, it was such a nice song to dance to, and in my room, I would be transported to the landscape of Himachal. Along, those times came “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” I would like to watch the songs and copy the dance steps, and most of the time if they were simple enough, I would learn them too.

Then came the time, when I would just dance with dad, bro and mom and try to teach them waltz and salsa, err, I don’t know the dance, the very basic steps with them to the songs “Dekho Dekho Janam hum dil apna tere liye laaye” from Ishq. And another musical piece.

Now, as time goes by, I don’t dance to the new songs, no time to watch them and also to try and practice them. But yes, on certain days I just want to dance away.
Dance like there is no tomorrow J

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