Thursday, June 18, 2015

Something yummy to eat?

Last Sunday G was supposed to be working, and he told me I was free to make my own plans… Now before you think G is a controlling husband, and I need to take his permission, that’s not the case. He is an awesome husband, who just dint want me getting bored at home, while he was going to be glued to his laptop.

Anyway on Saturday, G’s cousin called to invite us for the birthday party. I had my mind prepared for it, that I would be going for the party, with my mother-in-law.

On Sunday afternoon, G says one of his friends has invited for a get together at home. Nothing formal, just the usual drinks and snacks kinda party. So I asked the most logical question “What about your work”. For which his reply was also logical “If work is over sooner, then we go”. Now I dint know if I could go to the birthday party or no. Finally in the evening, it was decided that I will go ahead to the birthday party, and G will call me once work is over, so I could then come back and we could go to the friend’s house.

As luck would have it, I got busy and couldn’t pick his call early. By the time I could pick the call, it was late, and by the time I was back home it was eight (that rhymes J ). We couldn’t go to the party, since it was quite far, and made no sense just to go for half an hour. So G, said choose a place to go, let’s go for dinner. I was stuffed with Bisibele bhat, jaamun, cake. But anyway I thought and in few minutes I said Hard Rock Café. G gave me a “In this traffic” look. Finally, we dint go anywhere and he ate what we had got from the cousin’s house.

On Monday, while returning from work, he said “I want to go eat something yummy”
My next logical question “Where?”
He says “You decide”.
And before I could come with something “And don’t just say something.. Think about it… Not like yesterday where you say Hard Rock Café and we take hours to reach it”

Then the conversation went like this:

Me: Fine.. then you decide…
G: Why should I every time?
Me: Coz, I don’t think and tell. I just blurt out stuff
G: Yeah you should think and tell.
Me: So what? Is there a place, we really really really want to go?
G: Yes, there is
Me: Which one?
G: there are lots
Me: Name one.
G: There are so many
Me: Fine… Name ONE
G: *Silence*
Me: I am waiting
G: You should know
Me: *seeing stars now… How on earth is it possible* I know we both love each other and all that.. But if you don’t know where you really want to go. How am I to know where you really want to go, without you knowing it?
G: *confused* What.. Don’t change the topic.
Me: Fine.. let’s go anywhere you want to go.. I am not the fussy one here

Finally, we went to a new place.. It  was an ok place, we are definitely not going to go back there, not worth it.

But next time G says “Let’s go to eat something yummy”, I know which place to suggest ;)  *two red horns on my head…. Don’t mess with me.. muahahaha*

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