Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIL.. who is the DIL

I got this forward a couple of days back, and I am just not able to control my laughter after imagining a scenario:

So first the forward is this:

FIL : Father-in-law
BIL: Brother-in-law
But the Heart of the family is DIL: Daughter-in-law. She Takes care of the  family.

My take on this above forward:
Now Imagine this situation. There are guests at home, and introduction is in progress.
So the husband introduces his Wife. So XYZ, please meet my beloved wife – ABC.

Imagine instead the in-laws introduce her to guests. So XYZ, milo humari DIL se. Husband is wondering, when his wife became their DIL J

Also, imagine all the songs which have DIL in them.

If the D-I-L is kidnapped by someone :  Chura ke DIL mera aaaaa..goriya chali

When the in-laws are trying to convince her for something and she doesn’t agree, they are singing : DIL hai ki maanti nahi…

And ofcourse when she acts crazy : DIL to pagal hai…DIL deewani hai or humari DIL bhi kitni pagal hai

While she is pregnant, their future grandchild sings… Hum Aapke DIL mein rehte hain

If they are Shaqqi in-laws : DIL to hai DIL, DIL ka aitbaar kya keeje

When she is in trouble and they are trying to sympathise with her : Ae DIL hai mushkil hai Jeena bada

When her husband is not around.. and they are teasing her :  DIL deewani.. bin sajna ki

If she is of shayaraana andaaz : DIL aaj shaayar hai

If they want someone to hear her voice : DIL ki awaaz sun

And if they want to kill her : KILL DIL… KKKKK KILL DIL… KILL DIL……

Cant think of more songs right now.. but let your imagination go wild……

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