Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The bees and their sting

I was in a team meeting today, and there was some disturbance in the call. None of my teammates are in my location, they are all in a (will not be disclosed) foren location.

I gave my update and in between was listening to the call as well. There was a collective laughter, why I had no clue. After a while one of the guys gave his update and before it could go to the next person, he intervened.

Oh and yes folks, there is a small tip I have to give you guys.

“Never squeeze a bees sting”. I was shocked, went into sort of panic mode where my brain was running “What did I miss?” “What did I miss?”

He continued, just take the prick out, if you squeeze the sting, it can only cause you more pain. Yada Yada. I was sure, I hadn’t dozed off in the middle of the meeting. I am very alert and always look out for the word “Arathi, your turn”. So where did this bees topic come up.

Then another person says, “So why don’t you take an hour long session on bees and their sting, in our next team meeting. We should definetly add it in our agenda”

The first guy says, “sure I will prepare a presentation”.

*Collective laughter from everybody*

The next person started talking about his status.

I am still trying to figure out why this topic came into picture… “The bees and their sting”

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