Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lunch Break

Magpie entry 279:

I keep looking thru the hole, but all I can see in an endless spiral.
I wonder what’s on the other side of the hole.

Somebody once told me, somebody would tumble down the spiral and land in this hole, just as I came in.
But nobody has come here ever since I came here.
Is it really a space where people enter? or is it my imagination, where nobody will enter.

Oh Wait!!! I see someone coming. I see a little girl running down the stairs. It looks like someone is chasing her. There is no worry, she is laughing. It may be a friend of hers. Hope she comes to my space soon and lets me out.

Will she come? Or will the person chasing her catch up with her and take her away.

All I can do is wait and watch. Can I lure this little one in my hole. But does she deserve to come here. It’s a dark hole, a black hole. I had once read people who enter a black hole can never go out.

But that was in the space, this is our mansion. I don’t remember how I ended up in this space. But I want to go out now.
The girl is nearing the hole. She has finally reached the end of the stairs. I have to create some curiosity for her to look into this hole. Then I can pull her in. I will then move out of here.

Before I can think of anything, she is standing below the black hole. She doesn’t have any other place to go to. I will grab her into the hole and nobody will notice. Yes!!! That’s what I will do.

I stretch my hands out of the hole and am about to grab the little girl’s hand, and I hear a voice.
“Sally, how many times have I told you not to come to this place. Next time I see you around this place, I will never bring you to this mansion. Come along, finish your lunch”

Sally ran away. Her mother looked into the hole, she dint see me. But why do I think I know her? Why do I think I have heard her voice?

Just then I heard the voice again. It was my mother. She was standing behind me “Sally, did you not bring anybody today? What will do for lunch today? Anyway we have leftovers for today. Finish your lunch, and resume your hunt after that.” The black was hole was closed.
It was lunch break.
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