Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Pleasure or Poison

“Mr & Mrs Ray, The doctor will see you now” the receptionist interrupted the couple, who were deeply engrossed in the magazine kept on the coffee table in the clinic.

As they made way into the doctor’s cabin, there were horrific photos of the mouth cancer, lungs and all those ads which they watched on TV, discouraging people from smoking. At those times, they had mocked “who would quit smoking watching these ads. If people really wanted to, they would quit”. But today, there was no sarcastic smile on their faces. They had the reports in their hands, which would decide the fate.

Holding hands, they entered the cabin, the doctor was looking at the report. They knew in a few minutes, they would get the news officially from the man himself.

“I think you already know what I am about to tell you Satish. But let me confirm. Your lung congestion is getting worse, and we have a doubt it might reach a stage soon, where the route to recovery is not possible. We will have to do a few more tests to see how it goes.”

Nirmala’s eyes were full of tears. She had it under control though. She blamed herself for this situation.

“Doctor, we are ready for the test anytime. But please save my husband” she started to get emotional.

“You know the situation as well, Dr. Nirmala, you have counseled, so many smokers. There is nothing I can hide from you. Once all the tests are complete, we will have a better picture of the situation.” The doctor tried to console her.

Dr. Nirmala was a specialist in psychiatry. She specialized in counseling patients addicted to smoking. There were a lot of patients who gave up smoking after attending her sessions. She did not expect this to happen in her family.

“Satish, how could I not see this coming? I, knew this will happen someday. I give sessions to so many people regarding active & passive smoking, and this happens at our home.”

As the driver pulled out the car from the parking lot. She dragged a cigarette out of her purse, flipped it out, and put it in her mouth. As she took a drag, the smoke reached Satish, and he started to cough.

“I have to give a presentation on Passive Smoking tomorrow. I am yet to prepare the presentation for the same” she had another puff, and the smoke ended up in circles.

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