Monday, July 06, 2015

Take the Dive

“Mom, Dad, you guys are coming this Sunday right?” Tina asked her parents at the dining table. The family was having dinner together after a long time.

“Of course my dear, we wouldn’t miss it for anything in this world” answered her dad.

“Mom?” she wanted her mother to answer and waited for a Yes from her too.

“I will try my dear. You know that this month has been very busy for dad and me. But I will definetly try to be there my dear” her mom was trying her best to keep the option open for her daughter, yet not hurt her.

“Yeah like last month, where you guys dint come” Tina got up from the dining table and stormed into her room.

“Couldn’t we have just told her we will come” Stephan grumbled

“Yeah, and when she finds out we were not there. What happens then Stephen? She is a growing kid. We cannot keep her protected all the time. And it’s better she understands us now, than blaming us for the lie, don’t you think” Rina was saddened that Stephan was not supporting her decision.

“But what is the point of telling her half the truth. We don’t tell her why we can’t go with her, it will make her hate us even more, rather than understand our situation.” Stephan was trying to reason it out.

Saturday evening, Rina knocked the door of Tina’s room.

“Darling!!! Are you ready for tomorrow?” she looked at Tina’s bag which was packed.

“Yes mom. Can’t you guys please come tomorrow. I know you both are very busy, but just this once, I really want you guys to come there to support me” she pleaded.

“Tina, remember this my dear. Your dad and me love you. We want to be with you in all your milestones in life. We really do. But sometimes life puts you in situations where you can’t do anything but let go of your choice.”

On Sunday morning, Tina was ready to leave. Stephan and Rina kissed her forehead and wished her luck. She reached the venue and went into the changing room. It was a big day for her. She was going to dive from 15ft. She saw her friends, her competitors. There were some beginners on one end who seemed to be  more nervous. On the other end she saw some who were to jump from higher altitudes. They were as nervous as she was or more, she wouldn’t know.

Tina found an unoccupied bench and sat there with her bag next to her. Just then some one entered the room, and announced, the event will commence shortly and all the participants were to assemble near the arena in 15 mins. Tina quickly changed into her swimsuit and left with the others to the arena.

As she reached, the backstage, where all the participants were in a queue, and she saw lot of families in the area. They had come to wish their kids, siblings, and here she was alone. She knew today her parents would come. She could feel it. But where were they? Why were they not giving her their time? She did not understand. She did not want to either. She just wanted them there at that moment, encouraging her.

As they stood in lie, everybody was facing the arena, and she alone was looking back. She pulled the towel she had wrapped herself, her eyes still looking for the most important people in her life. She was close to the door. Once she entered that door, there was no looking back.

A minute later, she stepped in. Now all she could see was a huge crowd around the swimming pool. As she climbed the stairs to reach the 15ft high, she could feel rushes of memories. The day her parents bought the swimsuit, first day in the swimming pool, first lesson, first dive. By this time she had reached the top, it was her turn next. She took a couple of deep breaths, and walked to the tip. She adjusted her cap to cover her ears, put on her goggles, looked down at the water. She smiled at the water.
Her hands were up in the air folded, and she took position. She jumped, and everybody in the stadium saw the rotations and twists in awe, and they heard a splash in water. It was a perfect dive. When her head came out of water, she was thrilled to see the entire area applauding her. She ran towards the drying area.

“Mom, dad, you guys came… Did you see? Was I good? When did you get here” she ran into her parents who were holding the towel for her to dry her up.

She dint care for the answers anymore. She was happy. Her parents had come to see her dive. She dint care about anything else anymore.


Anonymous said...

You picked up on the look of the bather turning to face the painter, didn't you? She has such a sad look about her. I'm glad your story had a happy ending!

Berowne said...

Nice writing and good dialog; well done.

Art said...

That's right Freya... There were a couple of different thoughts.. but this one was the most prominent. Glad you liked it... Welcome to my blog

Art said...

Thank you Berowne. Welcome to my blog

Deepa said...

Loved the post

Art said...

Dee Dee - Thank you.. And Welcome to my blog

Ira PT said...

There can be joy or reward surpassing parent's acknowledgment. Lovely post.

Art said...

Thank uou Ira :) its true... Parent's acknowledgement can do wonders