Thursday, July 30, 2015

Me and my writings

I was probably in 3rd or 4th Standard, when I had done some blunder for which I was punished. I was very sorry about it and wanted to apologize to my mother about it. I couldn’t bring myself to go in front of her and apologize. I did the next best thing which came to my mind. I took a piece of paper and wrote. “I am sorry mummy. I will not do this again”. Of course, I took much more than that for me to pacify mom. But this slowly became a norm. I used to write, and finally would make it up. Ofcourse, I used this technique for good things too.

Slowly, I started to make greeting cards. So, for every birthday of my parents, my brother, I used to make a card, and write. My parents still have the cards I have made for them on these occasions. Somehow, this has stopped in the recent years.

When the time came, to tell about G, I couldn’t muster up the courage to go in front of them and talk about it. (even the song Pyar kiya to darna kya – kept playing in my head… there was no chance that I would go and tell this on their face). So I did, what I did the best. I wrote a letter… err correction, a very long letter. I think it went upto 3 pages. To my embarrassment, mom still has the letter.

There are many reasons I like to write or type. Some of which I have thought of are:
·        Sometimes I write, just because I like my handwriting, and it looks beautiful on paper (this doesn’t happen all the time. Only at times).
·        When I am on the system, I keep typing because I have selected a beautiful font.
·        At times I write, because I like the way, the pen is making an impression on the paper.
·        I keep typing, because I like the sound when I press the keys on the keyboard.
·        Sometimes, it’s also because I like looking at my fingers typing away. (now I am starting to sound creepy)
·        Oh yes… one main point.. I have some thoughts bursting to come out of my system

But all this when I want to write. If somebody comes upto me and asks me to write or make a ppt, I can’t type a word. Even though I could write paragraphs, I wasn’t very great with essay writing in school, especially if somebody gave me a topic to write. Even if someone comes upto me and says, I will give you a month to write about something, I might not be in a position to write a word until the deadline is over.

But leave me in front of an ocean or in a jungle, or like now, in a room where the window is open and the cool breeze keeps my curtains waving, I can write, and write and write, like how I am going on, now - aimless, content less. I wish my love to write, never diminishes… If not for the content, I would like to keep this for various other reasons.

Ok… I no longer want to see my fingers type… So here I stop…Until next time.

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