Friday, April 01, 2016

A for Age

One lazy afternoon, G and I were at a restaurant. While we were busy eating and drinking, and trying to order the next thing I looked at an old couple who were getting down the stairs. They were not very old, but definitely in their late 50s. I was waiting for their family also, to walk down the stairs. But nobody came. It was just the 2 of them holding hands, walking down. It was such a good feeling to see them.

In our country, we always see old couples either with their children and their grand-children. It is the mindset we have. Our life is not ours anymore. It belongs to our children when they are young. As they grow older, every little moment of the life is spent on either doing chores for them or thinking about them. And as they grow old enough to have kids, start thinking about grand-children and so on. So when do they live their life? When do they think about their passion, their hobbies, their soul mates?

Ofcourse I am generalizing here. Inspite of doing everything for their kids and grand-kids, they might still take out time for themselves, for what they want to do, whatever their passions are. They might be content with their life. They might be more than happy with whatever they have. As long as they have passion for something in life. I feel they are alive.

I have seen our grandmothers still active with household chores, if not what they used to do in their younger days, they do try to keep themselves busy. My 80 year old granny still gets excited, when I tell her I cooked something new and asks for a recipe. When she sees something new art work on TV, she tells me how interesting that was. She might not cook or make those interesting things anymore, but her interest in that topic and the spark in the eyes is amazing.

When I went for sky-diving, in my head I was still contemplating what I was doing, and then I saw this 80 year old lady, she wanted to sky dive and that was her birthday gift from her kids. I felt this is what is life.

When we grow older, this what I would expect our life to be. If not this adventurous, atleast to be happy with each other. We should be able to go around places together, just the 2 of us. And yeah!!! If we both get an opportunity to sky dive and we are in a healthy position to do that… Then why not!!!

This is my belief, As far as you have some passion in life, you are alive, no matter what your age is. Once your passion to live life is dead, you are dead, no matter if you are 8 year old or 80 years old.

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Hema Iyer said...

Age is just a number. No matter what age we are, as long as we are healthy, we have to enjoy life to the daring stuff, explore places, start a new hobby, etc.