Wednesday, April 06, 2016

F for Father

I was thinking what could I write for F. First I thought friends, then I thought flowers. Then there was a bulb on the head moment. Today is my dad's birthday so what better day than to write about it.

Father... As kids before we join school, we are taught or rather the names of our parents are drilled into us.. 
what is your name?
What is your mother's name?
What is your father's name?

It is said a daughter is her father's pet. I dont know about others but in my case, it's completely true. I am my father's princess. Ofcourse I am my mom's princess too..

Like all children I too have learnt a lot from my dad. But what I cherish is that in spite of me being stubborn and rebel I have never got punished by him.

I remember one incident when I had done some mischief and mom jus mentioned to dad he us never strict with me and dad, for fun just patted my head saying why did you do this. I remember crying for that small pat. From that day, dad did not even hit me or tried to hit me even for fun.

Another one which mom mentioned was that my dad was a chain smoker and he quit smoking only for my sake. One fine day he just stopped and never touched a cigarette again in life.

We have celebrated so many of our birthdays together. Dad, how much ever I wish you, it just doesn't seem enough. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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Hema Iyer said...

Very sweet post. Daughters share a special bond with dads.

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