Thursday, April 21, 2016

J for Juice

It's summer and the best way to hydrate yourself is to drink lot of water. But since water is supposed to be tasteless, it would really help to add some taste to it. Isn't it?

There are loads of fruits available, but in summer we might not want to eat them, even though they are juicy and succulent. What's the best way then to have these nutrients - make juice out of it.

Although juice is not the best way to eat fruits, it helps if you are no way going to eat them.

But the master of all juices is lemon juice... Isn't there a saying: when life gives you lemons make a lemonade. For the calorie concious, instead of sugar make salty lemonade, it's very tasty...

Take 2 lemons and salt and a litre of water. Keep sipping the lemon juice for an entire day or for a few hours. Dehydration this summer will be far far away.

Lemon juice a day keeps the summer heat away.

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