Thursday, April 28, 2016

R for Respect

Respect, a very commonly used word, but possibly a very rarely understood word.

What is respect?
Whom do you give respect to?
Why should you respect someone?
How should one show their respect towards others?
And finally, when should you start respecting someone or stop respecting them?

Everytime we meet a person, these should be a few questions we might want to find answers for.

It is said we must respect our elders. Of course no denying it, but let's first decide if they deserve our respect or not. And this goes for everybody. At first, it's good to have some courtesy . After we have few conversations, let's think if we can answer all these. But in most cases, respect for a person jus emerges, just like love.

If we love a person, it goes without saying, we respect and trust the person. If we don't, then it's probably not love.

Sometimes it do happens you do respect a person and over time, there are certain circumstances, which make you realize, the said person was not really worth the respect you had for him/her.

This was all about people. But what about these phrases:
Respect other languages,  other cultures,  other religions other countries. Can we really respect them. Unless we know about them or have an experience with them, we can't really do that. We can acknowledge all these,but can we respect all of them equally. That's the food for thought.

Till the next post: keep acknowledging but think twice about giving any respect 

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