Saturday, April 30, 2016

W for Watch

Watch - it's an instrument which tells us time. It's a complicated machine in a small covering. It's just like time in many ways.

I am crazy about watches. I got my first watch when I was in 5th standard. It was a HMT watch. At that time, probably one of the best in India was HMT watch. It was a winding watch and everyday I would check if the time was set properly and would make sure it ran correctly.

As I grew I got more watches, some fashionable, some with dials of different shapes,  some with metal straps, some with leather straps, some of them with interchangeable straps. In US i bought quite a few watches, some with matching bracelets, some straps with studs.

Then for our second anniversary G got me a Titan Raga watch, which till date looks so elegant. Everytime I wear it I get so many compliments.

As of now, the number of watches I own is in 2 digits. And I still have my old HMT watch with me.

Anybody gifting me a watch?  

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