Saturday, April 30, 2016

X for X-ray

I hadn't seen a lot of X-rays as a kid. But I knew that they were of the size of an A-4 sheet. They were black in colour and the bones would appear white. Also you can't make out anything if it's not held against the light. I also knew that a big machine was used for this.

The first time my X-ray was taken, the machine was not a big one. And when I saw the result, my x-ray, I was shocked. It was the smallest I had ever seen. It was the size of a passport size photograph.

I couldn't believe it. But what I saw there made me believe it. It was my broken tooth afterall. A small sheet which was inserted. A camera like thing was used and my X-ray was done.

So it was the same thick, yet transparent  black sheet with white images but of a miniature size. I wondered how even a common thing like X-ray had me worried, not because of what was in there, but only because of the size. 

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