Friday, April 29, 2016

T for Tension

Exams are on next day and I am busy watching TV or I have slept on my books - reason Tension.

I have lot of work to finish, I keep pushing it for the last minute, at that time I either go to sleep or watch TV - reason Tension.

I am very restless, I am very sad, I am frustrated, I don't know what to do.
What do I do then?  Guessed it right... I either watch TV or sleep.

Generally people don't get sleep if they are tensed. I deliberately sleep, my mind possibly thinks the situation can be avoided by sleeping, while all that time I am aware that I am just procrastinating and nothing else. I watch TV not because I find the program interesting but only because I want my mind to wander off and not think about the existing problem.

I try to find other ways to deal with tension, one now is ofcourse reading blogs sometimes light read books. But whatever I do unless I go and deal with the problem they will never go away. Tension can be avoided and pushed but it will not vanish.

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