Thursday, April 21, 2016

K for Kites

It's not a bird, it can look like one
It's not an aeroplane, it can look like one
It's not superman, it can fly like one. Well not really, but it would if there is good wind. What am I talking about? The kite.

My maternal uncle was very good in making and flying kites. We would take the newspapers, the Broom sticks a bowl of rice and bundles of thread, go to the terrace and make lot of kites. Then he would show me to how to fly the kite..

Once the kite would go to a certain height, he would tie to the metal string used to hang clothes for drying. We would fly 4-5 kites together.

I never learnt the art of flying kites, but it was always fun with my uncle. The precision with which he would bend the Broom sticks and how we would stick them to the paper, then let it dry and go on to make the next one.

I mat or may not fly a kite in the future. But the moments I had with my uncle learning and enjoying flying the kites are priceless. I will always cherish them

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